The Top 5 Muscular Endurance Exercises

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What are the benefits of Muscular Endurance Activities?

The five best muscular strength activities

1          PUSHUPS

The benefits of pushups include that it is one of the best muscular strength and endurance exercises.


Pushups are regarded as a great exercise for muscular endurance. They are one of the best muscle strengthening exercises you can do every day.  However, always check with your doctor before starting a routine flexibility exercise program.


When done properly, pushups gradually build upper body strength, working the shoulder muscles, the triceps, and the pectoral muscles.  This is one of the top benefits of pushups.

Pushups also strengthen the abdominal muscles by gradually pulling in the stomach muscles strengthening the core along with the lower back muscles.

Pushups can be done at a full stretch or, if they prove difficult, work on your knees and on your forearms at first. 

The benefits of pushups will be noticed gradually after working up from 5 to 10 to start with –  then 20 to 30 –  adding a few each day. This slowly builds physical strength and fitness levels.


Simply following a flexibility exercise program will enable you to get the required results and gain the full benefits of push-ups fairly quickly.

2          SQUATS

Squats benefits


Squats are a great exercise for muscular endurance and strength training.

Squatting strengthens both the calves and thigh muscles

Squats benefit many different muscles in the body, enabling ease of movement.  Squats benefit the lower body muscles, as it is important that they remain strong.  Strengthening them allows them to move more freely. This helps to maintain balance and posture.

Squats are seen as both strength and flexibility exercise that train important muscles such as the calves, thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, enabling you to perform everyday tasks with ease.

Squats also strengthen the core muscles in the body.  This is why they are regarded as one of the best muscle strengthening exercises.

Benefits of box squats

A box sets the bottom of each of the box squats and determines how low they are going. On the return of each of the box squats, the muscles strengthen, when forced to return to a standing position, building muscular endurance.

Squats benefit athletes as they gradually gain strength with each of their box squats.  The benefits of box squats are that they enable both beginners and new athletes to build muscle strength.

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Front Squats

Front squats are much easier on the knees and back.  The benefits of front squats are valuable as they are another excellent muscular endurance and strength builder that helps builds strong core strength.  Maintaining a strong upright position strengthens the glutes and quads. 

3          PLANKING

Planking is a strengthening exercise for muscular endurance that encompasses the shoulders, back and core muscles.  It works many of the upper and lower major muscle groups.

What muscles do planks work?

The main planking benefit is strengthening of your core muscles


The plank activates the core muscles that include the…

  • Transversus abdominis.
  • Rectus abdominis.
  • Internal oblique.
  • External oblique muscles.

Planking, like pushups, increases your muscular endurance as well as helping to improve your balance.

Planking or plank leg raise exercise is aptly named because, when done correctly, your entire body is kept straight and rigid just like a plank of wood.  Planking puts all your weight on to your forearms, elbows, and toes by keeping your body straight from your head to your toes, while breathing normally. This position needs to be held from 10 to 60 seconds or longer.  By holding the position for as long as possible, the muscular strength benefits of planking will be realized.

How to do a plank

As you don’t need any equipment, beginners can start with elbow plank legs press, then progress to the straight arm plank. Beginners start with the arm elbow down plank using clenched fists, then progress to the straight arm plank, leg raise to gain the full planking benefit.

Legs press with elbows down

Experienced plankers can progress to the plank pushup variation, alternate from elbow-clenched fist position to a straight-arm position, all the while keeping back straight and the core tight.

The body needs to be straight, taking normal breaths, keeping the shoulders straight and arms resting at a right angle with a clenched fist, while keeping the neck up.  The forearms should be pointing straight ahead. It’s important to breathe in and out easily.  This strengthens the abdominal muscles. The pectoral, abs, back, glutes and quads are all strengthened.

The chest is slightly away from the floor, keeping the legs together and quads tight. Take full breaths in and out towards the stomach.


Try planking every day for a month as these are excellent muscle strengthening exercises that help improve and build core muscle strength.  All these mid-section muscles aid the limbs to increase effectiveness of movement when strengthened.

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4          WALKING

The main benefit of walking is that it is a good flexibility exercise.


What are the benefits of walking 30 minutes a day?

Another of the benefits of walking is that it’s an endorphin release exercise which helps improve mood, sleep, and wellbeing.

The long-term effects of exercise, especially walking 30 minutes per day, are that it has many different health benefits for every age group.  Frequent walking keeps the body moving and it may even increase longevity and help prevent the onset of certain diseases.

There are many social benefits of exercise. Walking groups get you out of the house, meeting new people and are an excellent light exercise for muscular endurance.

The benefit of lunges when walking

You can vary your walk each day by gaining the benefits of warm ups and walking lunges… by taking larger strides and dropping the body down towards the ground with each step. 

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The 30 Minute calorie burn walk

Join a walk to weight loss group or walking club as it will help you walk faster, burn calories, and lose belly fat. A frequent 30-minute calorie burn can trim the body of excess kilos quite quickly, keeping you trim and supple. It’s recommended to always take advantage of the benefits of warm ups.  Doing single leg raises are a good flexibility exercise before a 30-minute calorie-burn walk.

Cooling down after exercise is important, to allow for relaxation of the muscles.

5          JUMP ROPING (Skipping)

Jump roping

Jump rope to build fitness

One of the most effective exercises for burning calories, building endurance & strength is jumping rope.  You can increase your fitness level in as little as 20 minutes. 

This is the best-kept secret in fitness.  You don’t need a lot of space or equipment, and you can do workouts wherever you go.

Compared to other activities, it offers one of the most effective cardio workouts.  Research has shown that you can burn over 1000 calories per hour jumping rope

Weighted Jump Ropes

Five science-backed benefits of jump roping are…

  1. It burns calories. Jumping rope can burn up to 300 calories in 15 minutes.
  2. Improves coordination.
  3. Reduces the risk of injury.
  4. Strengthens bone density.
  5. Improves heart health.  One of the main benefits of jump roping are that it keeps your heart healthy.

Jumping rope can also improve your endurance and athleticism, agility, coordination, strength, running speed, and much more.

jump rope workout

Other exercises for muscular endurance and muscular strength benefits include…


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