Health Wealth and Happiness

Health and wellness are extremely important in maintaining happiness in life. 

None of us wants to be constantly consulting a physician as we all know that healthcare is more about prevention than cure.  We also know that maintaining good health depends primarily on good nutrition and adequate exercise.  

Keeping Healthy

There is no need to stress over the matter of keeping healthy.  To maintain good health, it is not necessary to be constantly visiting health food stores.  In essence, it is a matter of knowing what is healthy food and what is not healthy food. 

Healthy Food

If you can establish a pattern of eating healthy meals, you will be halfway towards guaranteeing good physical health for you and your family.  It’s not difficult to develop the habit of eating a healthy breakfast or eating healthy snacks between meals.

Stress and the Immune System

Many people experience stress in varying forms throughout their lives.  

Stress can impact people’s lives in so many ways and not recognizing the stressors can affect the immune system, putting the body’s health and wellbeing at great risk.  This is because excessive stress can lead to feeling anxious and a major symptom of anxiety is the effect that it has on the immune system.

Not surprisingly, one of the best ways to alleviate stress and reduce anxious feelings is by laughing.  When laughing, you feel much happier and if you tend to be socially anxious, laughter will help to relax and overcome those anxious feelings.

When under stress or anxious, laughing is the best medicine, and laughing out loud on a regular basis not only strengthens your immune system, but could make you a much happier person at home.

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Boosting the Immune System

Paying close attention to health and nutrition is paramount in keeping your immune system strong.

During the current global COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to keep your immune system strong. Your body is susceptible, not only to viruses such as the Covid-19 coronavirus, but to infection from harmful bacteria. Both the flu and the common cold can easily take hold if you have a low immune system.

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Controlling Body Weight

Despite this, many people still struggle either to quit smoking or to maintain a healthy BMI (body mass index). 

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Gut Health

These days we are also becoming more conscious of the need to maintain gut health..

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