Believe in Yourself

Self belief

Your Belief System

Adriana Lima

To be both successful and happy, it is very important to believe in yourself. Our beliefs are generally formed in childhood. We have learnt these beliefs from our parents, our environment and the world around us.  

Our patterns of behaviour and attitudes are formed when, as young children or teenagers, we watch and learn about attitudes and behaviours from our parents, teachers and any outside influences we are exposed to.  We learn about what is acceptable and what is not, and we start forming our own opinions and belief systems, based on our own experiences.  These are our shaped and learnt behaviours.  We learn that being polite is rewarded and that being rude is not acceptable.

When processing new information or experiences as an adult, those core beliefs systems that we have formed and adopted in our early years can sometimes be challenged, but mostly we go back to our core beliefs as that is where we feel secure.

The Problem of Self Doubt


Core beliefs of parents are handed down the generations and they form the basis for our sometimes flawed, incorrect belief systems.  When this happens, we can become self-doubters, feel insecure and unnecessary anxiety can take hold.  We begin doubting ourselves and fighting against these ingrained beliefs proves to be very difficult.  To work through these, we need to have a positive mindset because overcoming limiting beliefs can be challenging.

Self Belief

In life, we limit ourselves with these learnt limiting self-beliefs that somehow we focus on when faced with new challenges, like entering a new career or trying out something completely different.

Also, others can influence our thinking very easily, if we let them, putting up blockers for our vision for the future that we have set for ourselves.  Peer pressure can play a role in confusing us at times when we want to break out of the mould and set our sights on something personally challenging.  Others will have their own limiting mindset, so don’t be influenced by them.  We can listen and may take their advice.  We can ask others but we must draw our own conclusions.

Don’t let others stand in the way of what you really want to do.  Parents, friends and associates may criticise, or their comments may come from the best of intentions, but do your own research and listen to someone who has a more open mind.  If they are someone that you can bounce ideas off, you will respect their advice.  Listen to them and ultimately make up your own mind.


Change every negative thought to a positive
be happy

Don’t let go of the dreams, passions and values you have set down for yourself.  Having put these in place, ultimately the decision is yours.  The sky is the limit when facing new challenges.  Anything can be achieved if you believe in yourself.

Our dreams can come true

Believe in yourself, believe that things will happen.  Change will take place as you grow and learn.  Don’t go through life missing opportunities.  Grab them with both hands when they come along; learn, act and inspire others to do the same.

How to Change your MINDSET

Having made the decision, don’t doubt your abilities. If you need to take steps to improve your skills, do so.  Do everything in your power to achieve your dreams.  Your abilities are unique to you and belief in yourself is the first step in your journey to success. You are on your way to YOUR FUTURE SELF.

Every morning of every day, say to yourself, “I BELIEVE IN ME.  I am capable of so much.  I am willing to learn everything it takes to be successful, for I am going to succeed and go forward in my life, because I am ME.  I am Positive and Confident”.

Think positive

We all suffer from nerves.  It can happen to anyone.  It happens to famous musicians before going on stage.  We actually need such feelings of fear to spur us on to overcome things… when we are starting a new job, meeting new people, taking on a new challenge, sitting for an exam, having to give a speech in front of a group of people, maybe your peers. These nerves can affect us in everyday life and can cause ANXIETY and SELF-DOUBT and it can affect some of us more than others.  

I am a strong believer in SELF-TALK .  Look in the mirror and tell yourself how good you are, what skills you have, how you are so capable at particular skills.  Look yourself in the eye and say you can overcome what’s holding you back with thoughts of SELF DOUBT.  Tell yourself you are going to change, you’re going to be a more positive person who always looks for opportunities and is grateful and thankful for opportunity and everything around you.  

Your attitude towards everything should be from a positive mindset and this is critical to your success and belief in yourself.

Dream Big

Believe in Yourself Quotes

The Power of a Positive Attitude

Healthy and Happy

How do you face a new day?

Our lives each day can be so affected by the past day’s events that they stop us from moving forward in our lives.  Each day should be viewed as a new beginning, a chance to change and grasp the future. Don’t be bogged down by yesterday’s events.  Start the new day with a positive attitude, open to new opportunities to make new friends, start a new project, a day to invest in new ideas for the future.

A New Day

I am fortunate to be a person who wakes up in the morning ready to go, with lots of energy and enthusiasm.  Each day to me is about advancing, finishing a project or getting started on something new.  I look forward to each day with anticipation as I love creating and designing.  

Don’t worry about the future. 

 If you have a positive attitude, the future will take care of itself.  Don’t hanker for the past either but create your future in the present.  Life is a gift – make the most of it and don’t waste a moment of it.  Look forward, not backwards, unless it is to cherish the memories that you create each day in the present.

Tomorrow is a New Day

Decide that tomorrow will be the day for change, a new start to your future.  This attitude will lead to a new way of thinking and looking at tomorrow’s events.  Tomorrow is a new day, the first day of the rest of your life.  Face it with excitement and anticipation.

What prevents you from facing each day with anticipation? 

For many it is a lack of money. If you wish you had more money, you are not alone.  Most people don’t have enough money so life is a struggle, but it is possible to be happy with the resources that are available.  Don’t allow a lack of money to stop you from doing what you really want in life.  Money is just a means to an end.  Many people find a way to generate more than enough money, not just to survive, but to go on and live their dream and help others to live theirs as well.  And this is the key.

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar

Boosting Your Self-Esteem

self confidence

It is important that you have a good opinion of your self-worth or self-value. 

We all should have high self-esteem.  Your self-confidence will diminish if you feel that you have low self-worth.  Having a low self-esteem can deprive you greatly of the fulfilling life you were meant to have, where your self-worth and self-respect are energised and valued by both you and others. 

Low self-esteem can take you on a journey of negative self-talk that can lead to a negative self-image.  It takes strength of character and an enormous self-belief to emerge from the downward spiral of low self-esteem.

Many people have a self-image that is not what they would regard as their ideal self. 

How would you rate your own self-esteem on a scale of 1 – 10? 

If your score is under 7, then you should seriously consider looking at a way of boosting your self-esteem. 

Building Self-esteem begins with having Self-respect.

Achieving self-respect is the first step in building self-esteem.  So then, how do you boost self-respect?

To begin building your self-respect, it is helpful to take part in confidence building activities. Such action can give you a real confidence boost and will, in turn, help you to gain self-respect.  Building self-confidence is not only important for adults, but for developing confident kids as well.

Why is it important to have a high self-esteem?


  • You will gain more respect from others
  • You will have more self-confidence to take on new challenges, boosting your self-worth
  • You will be happier, feeling better about your self-worth
  • You will attract more friends, improving your self esteem
  • You will be far more successful in life, achieving the things that are important to you
  • You will have much more fun and be a happy person to be around


1         Recognise Your Limiting Belief System

A LIMITING BELIEF is a perception of something that is not true about yourself and prevents you from reaching your full potential.  Limiting beliefs are often created from your own feelings of inadequacy. They may have come from learnt behaviours or can be passed on from others. 

This inaccurate viewpoint is often built up over many years and reinforced by those around you who may think in a similar way. These inaccuracies generate negative thoughts that can cause great harm or frustration, and can develop into long term damaging assumptions, affecting one’s self-respect and self-esteem.

Limiting beliefs hold you back from discovering your true passions, happiness, and true fulfilment.  They stifle your capacity to learn and grow.  A limiting belief system impacts heavily on your self-esteem because it disempowers you.

2        Identify your limiting beliefs

You need firstly to identify your individual limiting beliefs around your self-worth and make deliberate amends to eradicate these self-esteem-damaging thoughts.

By identifying the specific areas of your life where limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving success, you need to ask yourself…

  • Where did your limiting beliefs come from and why?
  • Is it of your own making?
  • Is it from your parents, family, friends, or colleagues?
  • Is it your environment? Is it difficult at school or in the workplace?
  • How do you perceive yourself?
  • How do you think others perceive you?
  • Is it a false perception of yourself?

Identify these limiting beliefs by making a list and writing down which areas of your life you wish to change.  A change is the only way forward to boost self-esteem, transforming your thought processes into positive ones, thereby improving your overall self-image.

Areas for change may be…

  • Your behaviour and the way you speak to others
  • Your health, weight, and exercise
  • Your mental health and well-being
  • Your relationships with family, friends, and work colleagues
  • Your body image as well as your self-image.
  • Your schooling, study, and career
  • Your attitude towards money, finances, and wealth-building
  • Your happiness… your right to be happy
  • Your dreams for the future… what is important to you

3  Eliminate Negative Thinking

Negative thinking processes need to be challenged, as they hold a huge sway over your self-image.  They will tend to damage creative or clear-thinking processes.  Doubt is a direct result of negative thinking and can be very damaging to both self-worth and self-respect.

4        Take Action on Building Self-Esteem

The only person who can change the situation is you!   

Set Goals to Strengthen Your Self-Esteem

You may be being bullied and it is affecting your self-esteem.  You may feel useless, unworthy, incompetent, or stupid.  

What exactly are you going to do to gain back your self-respect, self-worth, and self-confidence in the particular areas that you have identified?  


  • Distance yourself from negative or bullying people. Spend less time with them.
  • Seek out positive people who build each other up
  • Encourage new friendships that are supportive
  • Look after your health and wellbeing
  • Develop a health program of exercise, weight loss and fun
  • Spend more time building positive family relationships
  • Find new opportunities for career prospects
  • Create a budget to overcome debt and finance traps
  • Create a wealth building program
  • Plan for your dream future-happiness holiday

5        Recreate yourself into the person you want to be…

Letting go of the old beliefs, habits, behaviours means creating a new mindset…YOUR NEW BELIEF SYSTEM



Create your own road map based around your core value system…

  • Have a clear purpose, time frame and always allow for changes
  • Your goals and values should be aligned with each other
  • Take control of every aspect of your life, your values, attitudes, behaviour
  • Build on your strengths for a more solid self-esteem and self-image
  • Accept your imperfections, acknowledge them… just do your best
  • Believe in your own abilities as it will strengthen your self-confidence
  • Always plan ahead because setbacks will happen
  • Allow for slip-ups that will test your resolve and affect your self-respect
  • Stay focused on the goal of building self-esteem your self-confidence.

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