Ten Principles of Success


What is success?

One way of defining success is by focusing on the most important Principles of Success.

To achieve success in the journey of life, you must first decide on your destination by setting personal goals.  First, ask yourself  “What is your big goal for 2021”?

It is then important to maintain positivity.  Staying positive can be achieved by reading morning affirmations every day. Along with positive psychology you will also need positive energy. Every day should involve taking action.  

But to fulfil your goals of life, you will need to understand and practise the Principles of Success.  

Ten Principles of Success

1. You are the only person responsible for your success.

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You need to reach a point in your life where you, and you alone, start to take full responsibility and are in full control of your future. It will be a highlight in your life when you let go of leaning on others, relying on others or blaming others. Decide to let go from the control of others and start to be the master of your own ship. The future is in your hands.

2. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Success can happen when you put your own creativity to work on something that perhaps already exists and put your own creative twist or feel to it, thereby giving it its own “unique selling proposition”.

3. There is no progress without taking action

No action always results in 100% failure rate. If we never start, our dreams will never be realised. Action requires determination, which results in progress.

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4. Persistence always wins.

As Winston Churchill once said, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” A river cuts through rocks because of its persistence over time.

5. Focus is key.

Focus is everything. Clear focus leads to efficiency. Multi-tasking can lead to distractions along the way. Individual tasks need individual 100% focus.

6. Failure is necessary.

If we never fail, we have never learnt anything. We need to experience these failures and disappointments to help us refocus and interpret each failure as a learning experience that will lead down the road to success.

7. Positivity fuels productivity.

Success comes from positive energy. You can choose to get caught up with negativity, but Positivity is a choice. Surround yourself with positive people, read positive books and choose positive surroundings.

8. You must believe in yourself.

Find the place inside yourself where dreams start. Dreams become a reality, when you write them down. When you are fully determined, committed and take positive action, your dream will become a reality.

9. Helping others is part of being successful.

Successful people always help those around them, inspiring and encouraging them to also fulfil their dreams and passions in life. Find a way to help, assist and serve your community and others in your life.

10. Success is a journey of countless small steps, one at a time.

Growth and success come when we take one step at a time towards our dreams. We need to hold fast to our principles, always striving for a higher standard than others and constantly seeking to improve.

You are the only person responsible for your success

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