The Answer to Obesity

A Healthy Body

We recently returned from a driving tour visiting the cities, towns and villages of France. 

In all of our time in that country we saw not one person who could be described as overweight or obese.

On our return to Australia, the contrast was staggering.  By comparison we live in the land of the obese!  Why is it so?

Looking After Your Body

Getting fit

“If you owned a million-dollar racehorse, how would you feed it?  Would you make sure it gets adequate exercise and proper nutrition?  Would you make sure it gets just the right amount of food to perform at its peak?  Would you make sure it didn’t get too stressed so that it remained happy?  You can do the same for yourself.”

Sally Asher

Sally Asher has also written “The French seem to break every rule of modern diets and remain effortlessly thin. In other countries, the more obsessed we are with thinness and dieting, the fatter we become.”

Losing It in France by Sally Asher

healthy snacks

Anyone who is desperate to get back to a naturally slim body size should throw away all the diet books and just read this one.

How to control junk food cravings

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