The Power of Giving

giving to others

Updated October 2022

Many people go through life accumulating wealth and that’s great, but if it’s not coupled with giving to others, then what is it for?  

It is more about themselves than about others.

the power of giving

They need to discover the power of giving.

Giving means offering something without expectation of receiving something in return; or more specifically the act of giving generously of time, money or work without expecting return favours.  

If we want our lives to count for something, we should live our lives to advance our knowledge and abilities so that we will have money and time to use for the benefit of others as well as ourselves.  This has been described as “win-win”. 

Life is not just about getting for ourselves and taking at the expense of others.  Life is so much more.  A full and meaningful life includes the joy of giving.

It can take only one person to influence another person’s life and this can impact on the whole family or the whole community and beyond, for the benefit of so many people.  One person’s giving can change a whole community or even change the world.  Giving to others generously and graciously can not only advance and improve others’ situations in so many ways and for generations into the future, it also does so much for our own sense of worth and well-being.

We should never give to others simply so that we can gain.  We need to give with gratitude, with no strings attached, no paybacks required and certainly no future reminders of how generous you were.  By giving from a gracious heart you will find you gain back so much more.  It will enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams.

The Benefits of Giving:

We are happy people for giving to others
  • Giving to others strengthens our own health and well-being.
  • It impacts on all parts of our own lives.
  • We are happier people for giving to others.
  • It improves our own sense of worth.
  • It gives us a sense of contentment, a warm and fuzzy feeling and we in turn reflect on our own self-worth and gain a sense of pride and achievement in contributing something worthwhile and of value to the world.
  • We gain depth of character.
  • It creates a desire within us to be more open to others and their social and economic needs.
  • We gain from giving to others and we then look for new ways to give of our money, our knowledge, our wisdom and insight.
  • It gives us a greater understanding of others and their real needs and a greater desire to resolve issues for them, that impact on the lives of others.
  • It gives us a stronger sense of love and kindness for others and brings serenity to our lives beyond what we could ever imagine.
  • It creates patience, tolerance and acceptance of others and gives us an inner desire to advance others.

Giving will make your own world a better place.  

Be generous and give of yourself to others.  If you have a heart to give to others, you will want to grow your own assets so that you are able to give.  Boosting your income is a way of increasing your own wealth and thereby your ability to give to others in need of help.

Giving gives us a stronger sense of love and kindness for others

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